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Telegram announcing Stephen Dunn's Pulitzer Prize for Poetry victory


     Stephen Dunn won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry when he was teaching as a Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing at Richard Stockton College in 2001.  Even though it was the beginning of the 21st century, Stephen Dunn was notified of his Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in a very interesting way.  He was actually told of his win in a Western Union Telegram that read:

"You were awarded the Pulitzer Poetry Prize today.  Congratulations.
George Rupp, President, Columbia University"     

      Although this telegram was straight and to the point, it shared some amazing news.  It was not long after that the word would get out that Stephen Dunn could not be called a Pulitzer Prize winning poet.  The first to announce this news was the president of Richard Stockton College; however, the congratulatory letters and praises did not end there...