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Congratulatory Letters


Congratulatory letter from Columbia University's President

     Stephen Dunn donated more than 30 congratulatory letters from fans, past and present students, colleagues, and institutions that he attended either as a professor or student.  The four letters in this section are some of the most personal letters.  The first is from the President of Columbia University, George Rupp.  This letter is more formal and longer than the previous telegram.  The second letter is from Dunn's alma mater, Hofstra University.  This letter is particularly special because Dunn completed his bachelor's degree at Hofstra and has since returned many times to do poetry readings and give back to the community that further molded him as a lifelong student of literature and poetry, as well as a collegiate basketball player.  The last two letters are from the President of Stockton College and the Dean of General Studies at Stockton College, which is where Dunn was teaching at the time of his Pulitzer Prize for Poetry win. All of these letters echo the same sentiment that the Pulitzer Prize Board chose well!

Pulitzer Prize
Congratulatory Letters